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Welcome, welcome.

This is my brand new website and blog and it’s had a thorough makeover since my last blog which was becoming less relevant to where Barbara and I are now.

Since our transition into business and campaigning to improve our species’ relationship with our host planet we are happier and feel more fulfilled than ever before.

We call ourselves social entrepreneurs because we believe in building socially and environmentally responsible businesses. We are driven by a deep desire to make our world a better, fairer place while, simultaneously, seeking economic and financial stability.

I am a self confessed globalist Champaign socialist. Not, a bougiose Marxist, but someone who genuinely believes that a high standard of sustainable living for every human being is achievable without exploitation while also allowing those who desire an even higher standard of living can attain this through education, skill, talent and perseverance.

And that’s enough philosophical rambling – my mum was a professor of philosophy so I do have half an excuse.

Anyway, back to this blog and what it’s about. Aside from the usual bloggy posts I hope to share resources and links that I find useful myself or offer advice to anyone who finds themselves in situations similar to those Barbs and I have faced as entrepreneurs.

There are many services available to entrepreneurs, some useful and some not so good. Whenever I find something I think is useful I’ll try it out and write a review with a link to it. Some of those links might be affiliated or paid, I’ll say that now. But I’ll only ever give an honest assessment, paid or not. Some of my posts will have a video, or blog version – but only if I have time! I’m fitting in this blog/vlog between everything we do in business and a good quality family life.

Speaking of family life, this is as much a personal blog as a business blog. So the personal bloggy family stuff will go under the category, personal bloggy posts.

Here’s some of the categories you’ll find on my business/personal blog:


  • Startup resources for entrepreneurs – see the main page for sub categories and subjects.
  • Shared business experiences
  • Links and reviews
  • Our latest news
  • Press corner


  • Personal bloggy posts
  • Family life
  • Opinions, philosophising & politics.
  • Reviews of stuff.
  • Photos

This all won’t happen overnight! It’ll build up organically over time. Yes, I’ve gained a lot of experience so far – but we’re still at the beginning of our journey and I’m still learning (and hopefully always will be). So this will seem more like a journey we’re sharing than reading an evangelical guide to entrepreneurship.

Please feel free to get in touch or ask questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and answers to questions, comments and discussions will be posted here to help everyone who visits. And if you think I’m wrong about anything, you know better, or have something to add then please comment or get involved! Experts are similar to buses – they might all arrive at once but they won’t all go the same route.

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